Monday, April 11, 2011


What is it with guys and wanting what they cant have....

Sweetie I was single for so long u didn't even throw me a bone, now I'm in a relationship all I ever hear is "baby its you I want, you are so attractive, you are sexy"..N**** please do I look stupid. Trying to mess up my happy home. Even Mr No-Good from my previous posts aint trying to be left out...Dude i was chasing ur silly self for years just praying for you to show me a little love and I got nothing. Now you see me happy, you realise you love me. Wow. If I had known this was the solution I would have found a man years ago.. seems I have been dulling.

What is it with guys and wanting they cant have tho? I remember being in uni and spending many a vals day alone or having a pity party with my girlfriends cos well we were single and jand is the worst place for a babe to be naija and single...way too much competition!

Fast forward a few years and here am I beating them off with sticks...only problem is I don't want/need them. It seems like there's been an ad for every single guy that I've ever crushed on, kinda liked, thot was hot/not(for a few) all wanting something or the other. Why now tho...where were they when I almost turned Ann Summers into a grocery shop?

What makes forbidden fruit so desirable? Why am i hotter when i have a man?Why dont I have guys falling over themselves to love me when I'm available to love them back? I spoke to my friends and its the same story even worse for the engaged and married ones while my single friends are bitching that there are no men. Eyin guys kilode o? Can someone tell me wats up?


Myne Whitman said...

There's something that people say about this, that since someone else has found the person attractive enough to claim, the admirer then feels validated. And this goes for both men and women too.

sexiestMzIzzle said...

Guess its just the tryin to get something that belongs to someone else part..GREED! Btw, lav it!! U should write more often hun xoxo

Anonymous said...

The Nigerian Police has declared one MR. OYEBUCHI CELESTINE WANTED for involvement in SAME-SEX activities. Anyone with useful information about his whereabouts should please contact the nearest Police Station or the following numbers:


Favoured Girl said...

She still blogs! LOL